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Studio Musician:

Besides my music projects, I perform the profession of studio musician, in which I produce, arrange my music and the music of other international artists, ranging between different musical genres such as classical, jazz, fusion, blues, soul, pop, indie, rock, and electronic.


My music gear.

I can record keyboards and I have a Nord Stage 3, equipped with organs from Farfisa to B3, digital pianos including Grand Pianos, Rhodes, Clavinet, Wurlitzer, Synthesizers of all kinds, effects such as tremolo, wah, RM, pan, vibe, chorus, flanger, phaser, delay, equalizer, amp simulators, compressor, and reverb.

I can record bass guitars which are the 4 strings 'Fender Jazz Bass 60th Anniversary APLand the 5 strings 'Marcus Miller V7 Swamp Ash-5 NT 2nd Gen'.  As an amplifier, I am equipped with 'Gallien Krueger Bass HEAD GK MB500 500W', supported by two 'Gallien Krueger 112 MBX' cabinets.

I can record double bass and it's a 4/4 size acoustic instrument, with which I can play both with the bow and with the fingers, ranging from jazz to classical and pop, indie, electronic, experimental music. 

If requested in the project, I can record electric guitars which are Fender Stratocaster American '99, Fender Stratocaster Japan '85, and the following effects are included in my pedalboard: wah 'Cry Baby' by Dunlop, overdrive 'Tube Screamer TS808' by Ibanez, distortion 'Sovereign V2' by Wampler, delay/chorus/overdrive 'Dapper Mini' by Valeton, booster 'Spark' by Tc Electronic, phaser 'Phase 90' by MXR, compressor 'CP-1X' by Boss, tremolo 'Pipeline' by Tc Electronic, reverb ' Hall of Fame 2 'by Tc Electronic,' Whammy 'by Digitech, loop station' RC-20 XL 'by Boss. This is all supported by my 'Hot Rod Deluxe' amplifier by Fender.

If requested in the project, I can record the drums, which will have to be rented or already assembled at the recording studio.

Professional targets.

My goals are: to have a good connection and understanding with the artist and to make him/her confident in our collaboration. For me, it is very important to realize what each artist's goals are after having evaluated which level she/he is at, which music style and musical ideas she/he would like to develop.

Fender Jazz Bass 60th Ann APL (Sound demo)

Me on keyboards - 'Come' by Gutnic & The Galaxy, recorded at 'HAL5' studio, in Amsterdam (NL)

Nord Stage 3 (Sound demo) 

Me on Doube Bass - 'Be Yourself' by Andrew Laureth. All recorded at Teatro Munganga (Amsterdam, NL ) except of  Stacy Locatelli's vocals recorded in Brazil. Mastered by Michael Binder at MGB Studios in Las Vegas, USA.

Recording bass, drums, guitar and keyboards at the SAE studios of Amsterdam (NL).

Me on Double Bass - 'Il Senso' by Matteo Abatti (Italy)

Recording the bass guitar at the 'Mikor Studio' (Italy)

Drumming in a studio of Amsterdam (NL).

Me on vocals, keyboards, guitars, bass guitar and Sander Van Elferen on Drums. 'Turn it on again' by Genesis (Amsterdam and The Hague, NL)

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