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Studio Musician

Osman Meyredi, in addition to his music projects, is an accomplished studio musician with a strong aptitude for music production and arrangement. His proficiency extends to composing and arranging music, encompassing a wide array of musical genres, both for his original compositions and collaborations with international artists.


Music gear

Osman Meyredi utilizes the Nord Stage 3 keyboard, renowned for its extensive array of organ sounds, digital pianos, diverse synthesizers, and a broad spectrum of effects. This comprehensive setup allows him to excel in keyboard recording, providing a wide range of musical possibilities.

In the domain of bass guitars, Osman employs the 4-string Fender Jazz Bass 60th Anniversary APL , the Yamaha BB1500A and the 5-string Marcus Miller V7 Swamp Ash-5 NT 2nd Gen. His bass guitar sound is fortified by the 'Gallien Krueger Bass HEAD GK MB500 500W' and by the 'Harley Benton Block-800B' along with two Gallien Krueger 112 MBX cabinets.

In the domain of double bass, Osman wields a 4/4 size acoustic instrument with remarkable versatility. He adeptly navigates a wide range of playing techniques, from bowing to fingerstyle, enabling him to span across diverse musical genres, including jazz, and classical, as well as pop, indie, electronic, and experimental music.


Osman Meyredi's electric guitar setup comprises a Fender American Stratocaster and a Fender American Acoustasonic Jazzmaster. His pedalboard features a range of effects, including Dunlop 'Cry Baby' wah pedal, Ibanez 'Tube Screamer TS808' overdrive, Wampler 'Sovereign V2' distortion, Boss 'CH-1' Chorus, Boss 'DD-8' Digital Delay, TC Electronic 'Spark' booster, MXR 'Phase 90' phaser, Boss 'CP-1X' compressor, TC electronic 'Pipeline' tremolo, TC Electronic 'Hall of Fame 2' reverb, Digitech 'Whammy' pedal, Boss 'RC-20 XL' loop station, JHS 'Double Barrel V4'  overdrive, Fender 'Full Moon' distortion, Earthquaker 'White Light V2' overdrive.

All of this harmonizes with his 'Hot Rod Deluxe' amplifier by Fender, resulting in a versatile and dynamic electric guitar setup.

Regarding drums, if the project demands it, Osman is capable of recording them. In such cases, the necessary drum kit can either be rented or preassembled at the recording studio as required.

Professional goals

  1. Establish Strong Artist Connections: Osman aims to cultivate solid connections with artists, fostering mutual trust and confidence in their collaborative efforts.

  2. Understanding Artistic Goals: It's crucial to thoroughly understand each artist's aspirations, evaluating their current skill level and musical preferences. This insight guides the development of musical ideas and styles in line with the artist's vision.

  3. Facilitate Artistic Growth: Osman seeks to contribute to the artistic growth and development of each artist he collaborates with, helping them achieve their unique goals within the music industry.

5 Greatest Funk Bass Lines

Me on keyboards - 'Come' by Gutnic & The Galaxy, recorded at 'HAL5' studio, in Amsterdam (NL)

Nord Stage 3 (Sound demo) 

Andrew Laureth - Be Yourself, featuring Stacy Locatelli. 

Recording at the SAE studios of Amsterdam (NL).

Me on Double Bass - 'Il Senso' by Matteo Abatti (Italy)

Recording the 'Mikor Studio' (Italy)

Drumming in a studio of Amsterdam (NL).

Osman Meyredi - Turn it on again(Genesis)

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