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Osman Meyredi, an Italian now residing in Amsterdam, is a musician with proficiency in multiple instruments, including bass guitar, double bass, electric guitar, piano, and keyboards.

Music is not just a passion but the core of his existence, starting at the age of six when he displayed an exceptional ability to play by ear and realized he had perfect pitch. His musical journey led him through various instruments, including piano, drums, percussion, bass guitar and guitar.

In 2002, he advanced his music education at the prestigious Trento Conservatory in Italy, culminating in a master's degree in double bass in 2009.

In July 2014, a significant turning point in his career took place as he relocated to Amsterdam, where he could fully immerse himself in The Netherlands' diverse music scene.

Osman has captivated audiences on prestigious stages across the Dutch and global music landscapes, enchanting venues such as Amsterdam's Paradiso, numerous clubs nestled in London's Camden Town, The Zanzibar Club in Liverpool, The Rockerill in Charleroi, and various other esteemed European locales. He has also performed at notable festivals like the 4daagse in Nijmegen.

In January 2019, Osman started music education at the international school DENISE in Amsterdam, earning a degree in 'Music Education' from the Amsterdam Conservatory in June 2020.

He is not only a talented musician but also an accomplished music producer, arranger, and studio musician, displaying versatility across a wide range of musical genres in both his original compositions and collaborations with international artists.

Music Bio

•The chamber orchestra of the Conservatory of Trento (double bass), 2003. 

•Dormiduro (drums, backing vocals), 2004.

•The Mini Polifonici orchestra (double bass), 2005.

•The Suite Dream orchestra (double bass), 2007.

•Alessandro Baricco’s movie “Lesson 21” (background actor as a double bass player), 2007.

•Marco Bellocchio’s movie "Vincere” (background actor as a double bass player), 2008.

•The Jan Novak orchestra (double bass), 2008.

•International Music Academy orchestra (double bass), 2008.

•Tablo (double bass, piano), 2008.

•Mudshark, Frank Zappa tribute band of the Conservatory of Trento (keyboards, backing vocals), 2008.

•Brothers in Black, the Blues Brothers tribute (keyboards, backing vocals), 2009.

•Indeepandance (double bass) with musicians such as Vittorio Cosma, David Rhodes and Ged Lynch (Peter Gabriel band), Valgair Sigurdson, Howie B, Marlene Kuntz, Eugenio Finardi and Giuliano Sangiorgi (Negramaro), 2009. 

•L'incognita delle spezie (double bass, electric guitar, piano, backing vocals), 2010. 

•Stefano Gelmini Band (bass guitar, backing vocals), 2011.

•Reblues (bass guitar, backing vocals), 2011.

•GoodVibes LiveMusic (bass guitar, acoustic guitar, backing vocals), 2011.

• Turbo Trouble Trio (double bass, backing vocals), 2012.

•Claudio Noce’s movie “La foresta di ghiaccio” (background actor as a double bass player), 2013.

•HPhO - Heemstede Philharmonisch Orkest (double bass), 2016.

•Zurawski Live Sound (multi-instrumentalist), 2016.

•Ike Willis & Zappatika, Frank Zappa’s music (keyboards, backing vocals) with musicians as Ike Willis, Ed Mann, Danny Walley, Jeff Hollie en Craig Steward, 2016.

•Altitude (bass guitar, electric guitar, backing vocals),  2015 - 2024

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