I am Osman Meyredi, originally Italian but now living in Amsterdam.

I am a musician multi-instrumentalist with a master's degree in double bass.

Music is more than a passion, it's the reason to live...

It all began very early, playing the piano from the age of six: after hearing the songs I could play them instantly, without sheet music. My heart opened to the music.

After a short period during which I played saxophone and clarinet, I began to play percussions and drums in a marching band. A few years later I also began to study guitar by myself.

In 2002 I was admitted to the conservatory of Trento (IT) and in 2009 I got my master's degree in double bass.

In August 2018 I was admitted to the "Music in Education" program at the Conservatory of Amsterdam.

After my studies in Italy, I worked as a teacher: for four years I have been working in several educational institutions, including "Istituto comprensivo del Chiese", "Istituto comprensivo di Tione" (secondary school – musical education/music theory) and "Scuola Musicale Giudicarie" (music school – double bass, bass guitar, and guitar).

From January 2019 I started working at the international school DENISE " De Nieuwe Internationale School Esprit" in Amsterdam.

A turning point came in July 2014, when I decided to move to Amsterdam, a choice that opened a new horizon for me. This change gave me the opportunity to get acquainted with the multicultural music scene.

Here in the Netherlands, I perform in places such as Paradiso, Bourbon Street, Waterhole, De Heeren van Aemstel and I also have experience in international touring. 

I am also working as a session musician and I play different kinds of music: classical, jazz, fusion, blues, pop, rock and electronic.

Last but not least, I give private lessons and I compose my own music.


Music Bio

•The chamber orchestra of the conservatory of Trento (double bass), 2003. 

•The Mini Polifonici orchestra (double bass), 2005.

•The Suite Dream orchestra (double bass), 2007.

•Alessandro Baricco’s movie “Lesson 21” (background actor as a double bass player), 2007.

•Marco Bellocchio’s movie "Vincere” (background actor as a double bass player), 2008.

•The Jan Novak orchestra (double bass), 2008.

•International Music Academy orchestra (double bass), 2008.

•Tablo (double bass, piano), 2008.

•Mudshark, Frank Zappa tribute band of the conservatory of Trento (keyboards, backing vocals), 2008.

•Brothers in Black, the Blues Brothers tribute (keyboards, backing vocals), 2009.

•Indeepandance (double bass) with musicians as Vittorio Cosma, David Rhodes and Ged Lynch (Peter Gabriel band), Valgair Sigurdson, Howie B, Marlene Kuntz, Eugenio Finardi and Giuliano Sangiorgi (Negramaro), 2009. 

•L'incognita delle spezie (double bass, electric guitar, piano, backing vocals), 2010. 

•Stefano Gelmini Band (bass guitar, backing vocals), 2011.

•Reblues (bass guitar, backing vocals), 2011.

•GoodVibes LiveMusic (bass guitar, acoustic guitar, backing vocals), 2011.

• Turbo Trouble Trio (double bass, backing vocals), 2012.

•Claudio Noce’s movie “La foresta di ghiaccio” (background actor as a double bass player), 2013.

•HPhO - Heemstede Philharmonisch Orkest (double bass), 2016.

•The Mood (keyboards, vocals), 2016.

•Zurawski Live Sound www.zetapiu.it (multi-instrumentalist), 2016.

•Ike Willis & Zappatika, Frank Zappa’s music (keyboards, backing vocals) with musicians as Ike Willis, Ed Mann, Danny Walley, Jeff Hollie en Craig Steward, 2016-till date, www.zappatika.org

•Dormiduro (drums, backing vocals), 2004 - till date.

•Andrew Laureth Band, Don Camaleon, Altitude (bass guitar, double bass, backing vocals),

2015 - till datehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J5F5hwBkiIo

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